Consortiem helps its client realize savings by aggregating purchasing volume and using that as leverage to negotiate meaningful discounts for them.

How do we do this?

Consortiem facilitates contracts with suppliers for numerous companies at once. This means that Consortiem is able to offer efficiencies and cost savings to our clients on purchases they already make in numerous different cost categories. Not only does Consortiem leverage the combined purchasing power of many businesses, but we also bring balance to the negotiating equation because we have data to compare and benchmark against rates of vendors nationwide.

Our Philosophy

Consortiem brings meaningful value to corporations, non-profit organizations, and associations and their members. We believe that for-profit corporations and non-profit organizations are resource constrained and are unable to spend enough of their resources to negotiate best-in-class contracts with their vendors. Consortiem’s singular goal is to use our leverage with vendors to negotiate superb contracts for our clients. Our clients keep 100% of their savings.

We also believe that associations are underfunded and understaffed to maximize benefits for their members. Many member benefit programs are nothing more than a list of supplier representatives “who can help”. Our belief is that this is not a member benefit, merely a lead for a supplier.

Consortiem’s approach is the opposite of many association consultants. Whereas they may “offer” pre-packaged supplier programs, Consortiem tailors its solutions around what is best for the client. Such services could include collecting data on the association members (via web-based member census) and packaging the opportunity to drive supplier competition. The total benefit received from the suppliers is measured by member savings and association revenue.